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Pack It Movers is local moving company in downtown Houston. We offer office, apartment, senior, residential commercial movers services. Not just in downtown but in Katy, Sugar Land, and Houston area. Unlike other movers, we always finish the way we start: STRONG. No move is too big or small from residential homes, apartments to office buildings we can handle it all!

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We offer free on-site estimates, 24 hour customer service from a live operator, and price matching. Pack It Movers is a moving company like no other!

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Pack It Movers may be based in Texas, but our residential and commercial moving services are available nationwide. If you are moving across the street, to another city in Texas or California, or across the country, we are here to help.
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Local Moving Services for Downtown Houston

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We are professional Houston movers who care about you and your belongings. Our team of residential and commercial moving experts is highly trained and always ready to go the extra mile to get your belongings to your new home or business safe and sound. Call Pack It Downtown Houston movers anytime, day or night, for any questions or concerns at (713) 884-0018

If you are planning For Long-Distance Moving in Greater Heights you might need some planning to do:

It is very essential that everything is ready and properly packed when you are planning on moving from one place to another. There are numerous things you have to consider to put in place when you are planning on moving. These things are even more essential when you are planning on moving a long-distance. Irrespective of whether you are moving to a new country altogether or within a few miles, you are going to need these tips to effectively pack adequately.

We have some awesome tips for individuals while planning to move

Start Planning For Moving As Soon As Possible:-
Far distance travel requires a whole lot of airtight planning. Your plan has to be thought through and recorded. You should consider keeping an inventory of what you plan to move, tasks required to be accomplished and the ones already accomplished. You can subdivide these tasks into phases to make the process a little bit better and bearable. For long-distance activities, planning is necessary.
Scheduling :-
With your formulated plan, you need to discipline yourself to stay on the schedule. There are some time-sensitive matters that need to be taken care of before moving. These are what should get priorities first before the others. Scheduling and sticking to it will make you efficient in your packing and having enough time to crosscheck all that has been packed. This will rule out all possibilities of forgetting anything.
Moving Service:-
Since you are going on a long-distance journey, you need to get in touch with a moving company to get the estimate required for your moving. It is very important that you get the right company for this moving project. You can go to more than one moving company to get a different estimate and compare services rendered by these moving companies. We are one of the best movers among downtown Houston movers and we have a pocket-friendly cost for moving. It is important that you schedule well ahead of your moving time.
Prioritizing Your Belongings:-
While you are on your packing activities, you should ensure that you affix priorities to those things you need to keep with you. For long-distance moving activities, it is recommended that you pack an open –first box that could come in handy in your first week. This is due to the fact that every one of your belongings will still be scattered around. Hence you need things like towels, pots, plates and other main essential in that box.
Update Important Documents:-
Moving from one place to another requires you to be up to date with your information. This is of course about your current place and where you are moving to. It is a different story when it comes with long-distance moving. With this, you may need to update some important documents like your driver’s license and registration. This also involves updating other important documents. It is important to plan and get all the things you need to be sorted out in time before you have to move. It is really important you update your documents and information before you move.
Moving Insurance Purchase:-
It is important that you take stock of the valuable items and get a general knowledge of what your insurance coverage and that which it doesn’t. It is important that you have a sit down with your insurance agent to determine what your insurance cover as far as moving is concerned. Although moving companies offer some sort of limited insurance, you might want to consider a more comprehensive package for you and your belongings.
You already know by now that you cannot uproot everything. You will need to get rid of some items before you move. Items like long worn clothes, kitchen appliances you haven’t used, books you might not read again etc. those things you do not need are required to go. As far as you do not need it or need it to survive, you need to toss it.
Major downsizing is very important to purge your belongings. This is essential to lower the price estimate on your moving cost. It also makes unpacking in general easier and faster.
Labeling Of Boxes:-
When moving long-distance, it is important that you label everything. This is important to keep proper inventory and know where what is. Most especially is the labeling of boxes where you must have placed things in the same category together. With the aim of keeping your belongings from getting mixed up, you should consider labeling these boxes accordingly. Movers might also drop your boxes in the wrong place. It is very important that you clearly write your basic information like name and phone number on it for easy relocation. Of course, this is in cases where it is being taken to the wrong place.
Save As Much Money As Possible:-
Moving long distance requires money. There are a lot of things you would have to buy where you are moving to. Hence, it is very important that you save as much as possible and do some things by yourself. This is why you have to start your preparations earlier to get things organized.
While trying to get things in order, you can get creative in the process by packing, cleaning and organizing earlier. You can also get your friends involved. With this, you get to cut down on spending extra on moving company doing that for you.

While packing, you should have all the above listed in mind. They are very useful for distance moving. Long-distance moving always requires an additional level of effort and packing. It is important that you have everything in your inventory list ready and set to move, once you are set, we are just a call away.

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Tips for individuals while choosing moving company

• License and insurance must be checked
• Confirm the physical address and make sure it is a real moving company
• Visit the official website
• Confirm if they are members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). If they happen not to belong to this association, do well to report them
• Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? If not, do well to lay a complain
• Check their business record years and reviews
• Avoid companies that use a rented truck

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